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MeMe Myatt is a singer-songwriter and music educator, who graduated cum laude from Berklee College of Music, with a Bachelor's in Music Education. As a child, MeMe demonstrated a natural gift for singing and songwriting – writing her first song at 7, and booking her first professional performance at 14. As a performer, MeMe has left her imprint on the domestic and international stages – from Los Angeles to Greece. She has also written and produced several EPs and singles; her music streams on all major platforms.


MeMe’s foundational training began with private voice lessons, which equipped her with the skills and technique needed to pursue an education and career in music.  As a music educator, her goal has been to provide the same impactful music education to vocalists of all ages. MeMe has taught in various classroom types (i.e. private studio, public schools, summer camps, etc.),  inspiring young performers from Atlanta to the Dominican Republic. Some of her most memorable teaching moments are seeing young vocalists begin to lead their own vocal exploration. Hence, why we have “a passion for the singer's journey” – which is quite the exciting adventure!

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